Saturday, June 13, 2009

Take the "What Wannabez Character Are You?" Quiz on Facebook!

Find out which Wannabez comic book character you are most like!
I created the quiz today at Facebook, and hope you give it a shot and have some fun.
I'd love to hear who gets who as a result.

"What WANNABEZ comic character are you?
Wannabez is a comic book series by Brant W. Fowler and Scott D.M. Simmons, and this quiz will tell you which colorful character you are! Sure, they are all abit delusional, believing they received super-powers from a local meteor shower, but hey, you can still relate, right? Are you the "dog-powered" Doberman? Or the "cat-powered" Mau? The "blazing" Streak? The "mastermind" IQ? The "telekinetic" Esmerelda? The "firestarter" Ignition? The "stretching" Slim?"



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