Sunday, April 05, 2009

Gem City Con

Today Scott and I are heading to Gem City Con where we will have a table.  If you're in the Dayton, OH area come stop by and buy a book!

We weren't quite able to finish #1 of Wannabez, but we have a lettered pencils preview issue featuring the origin of Dober-Man.  And on the back cover Scott is drawing an original sketch for everyone that buys a copy!  So if you're at the show come by and get an original WBZ sketch!

Yesterday we were at the Comics for Cures sketch card event, which raised nearly $6000 for the American Cancer Society last I checked!  The amount could have gone up since then, I  don't know.  We had a lot of fun seeing the cards displayed, meeting with old and new friends, and just hanging out in a great comic shop.  We even sold the one copy of the preview book we had on hand!

The full Wannabez #1 will be out Spring/Summer 2009, so fear not loyal followers.  We WILL get this book out this year, finally.  It's been a long road, but a road worthwhile, and this journey has been incredible so far.  We look for big things in the coming months/years.

Oh, and soon Wannabez will be available via Comics XP and is available through Haven!  So we're getting it out there.  Thanks for all your support!

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