Monday, March 09, 2009

Another Issue 1 Update

Sadly, we haven't made too much progress since the last update, but I felt it was time to speak up and say something... anything.

Scott will be working on the back half of the book over the next couple of weeks, and over the weekend he was inking the cover.

Ross has finished I believe 2-3 pages of grayscales and will be coloring the cover this week.

Issue 1 will appear in the next edition of the Haven catalog, now called COMICS!, which will be out in May. So you'll get to see the issue 1 cover in there if you pick up a copy. Of course, we'll also post it here naturally.

We are HOPING to get issue 1 out by Gem City Con on April 5th. As it stands right now, that's going to be pretty tight both with time and finances, but we'll see how it goes. As much as we'd HATE to do it, we may end up having to push it back. I hope to make a definite decision on that by next week. If all else fails, we'll try to print up an ashcan sampling of the issue for Gem City and come out with the full issue later on.

But everything is still up in the air. Just know that issue 1 is coming, and it won't be long. I'll keep you updated as I can.

This past weekend, Scott and I were at the Grand Opening of the new Comics2Games store in Florence, KY. Robert Hickey and crew were nice enough to give us a table to pimp our wares. We didn't really sell much, but it was still fun and extremely nice of them to give us space. Thanks so much, guys. There are a couple of pictures below. You can see more by going here.

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