Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wannabez Meeting Superbowl Weekend

This past Saturday Scott and I got together at Comics 2 Games to discuss where Wannabez was headed. It didn't go quite as well as we would have liked (due to my negligence), but we did get some stuff laid out.

Amidst a fun day of hanging out with friends at a comic shop, we sneaked away to have a meeting covering various things like format, time lines, schedules, story plots and so forth. This would have gone so much better had I brought my notes (which I didn't have time to get) or had at least remembered what I had wrote!

The main thing I wanted to discuss was where Wannabez was headed. I wanted to lay out the rest of this arc from notes I had and set the stages for the entire next arc getting Scott's input. The problem, though, was that I couldn't even remember where I had this first arc headed. When I first wrote Wannabez I wrote beat sheets or page-by-page breakdowns of each issue in the first arc, and I loosely planned out the second arc in a broader sense. But it had been so long since I looked at any of that I just completely drew a blank. That's not the sad part though.

The sad part was truly not remembering what happened in the third issue. Scott had seen the script for the third issue and was relaying to me what happened toward the end of it, and I was just looking at him dumbfounded in complete disbelief. I couldn't recall writing any of it and had no idea where I was going with the whole scenario. It was quite strange indeed.

So anyway, we tabled that issue and began discussing other things. Scott and I did talk on the phone Sunday, though, and discussed these things with notes handy.

What we did accomplish was setting a tentative publication schedule for the next three issues of Wannabez, which we intend to put out this year. We also laid some things out that aren't ready to be announced, but may involve some new talent putting pencil to paper on the Wannabez characters. We also talked about cons, distribution, and various other things. So it was a productive meeting.

We also scored some very cool fan art from Jackie Hernandez that will go up on the site sometime this week, so be on the lookout for that.


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