Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Has Come and Gone

Did you get your copies of Wannabez #0 for your friends and family? No? There's still plenty left for late Christmas presents. =)

I will be completing the issue 2 script by New Years Eve, then we'll resume work on issue 1 sometime in January. As I mentioned before, Scott and I will be meeting in person sometime in early '09 to brainstorm on the direction of the book, and it should be a lot of fun.

Wannabez will be all over the place in 2009. We plan to hit several conventions and release several issues if it all works out. If 2008 was the year for Wannabez' official beginning, 2009 is the year that takes it to the next level!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and we wish you a safe and happy New Years as well.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Forum!

Want to learn more about Wannabez and other projects I'm working on? Check out my new forum at Comic Related!

Soon Scott will have one too, and I'm sure there will be even more Wannabez goodness coming there. I'm waiting to see what he puts up before I put anymore into my own Wannabez forum. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jazma Interview!

I was recently interviewed for Jazma Online about Wannabez and it has gone live today! You can find the interview here:

Please give it a read.



Sunday, December 07, 2008

In-Store Signing Report

The signing yesterday was not a monumental success, but some fun was had and a few books were sold. The weather was probably one cause of the lack of turnout as the roads, I hear, were pretty bad.

I unfortunately didn't make it as I got very ill with what I think is a touch of the flu Friday night into early Saturday morning. Scott sadly made the trek all the way to my house, which took him twice as long as it normally would have because of the weather and a couple of unfortunate accidents along the way. Thanks, Scott, for the Christmas present (Incredible Hulk DVD! I haven't seen it yet!), and for making the trip and going on with the signing.

There also were no pictures sadly for two reason: One, Scott's camera is on the fritz, and two, there was no one to take the pictures! But Scott did send along a report of how things went.

After the trip to my house put him behind schedule, a quick call to Comic Book World set the signing for an hour later than advertised. Scott got there at 2pm and was met by Chuck Moore of Comic Related (thanks for coming out, Chuck! sorry I missed you) who helped Scott in with some things.

They talked a bit, then Chuck took off to help his wife with their Christmas tree. Paul (owner of CBW) and his wife helped set up the table, then the signing was underway.

Only four books were sold to customers, each receiving a signed copy (I signed a few copies here for Scott to take with him, so I assume he then signed those for the customers that bought them), and then CBW bought a few more copies for the store, which was great to hear. One book went to the wife of a guy named Carl, one went to a mom of three who also struck up a conversation asking questions about comic creation. One went to a man named Kevin, and one went to a woman named Stephanie who uncannily looked a lot like an old friend of Scott's from college also named Stephanie.

Scott also did a sketch card of Hellboy for a young man named Brandon, and he passed out Wannabez and Hackoween cards to them and other people in the store.

Scott also had Christmas Cards on sale featuring Dober-Man and Streak that we used I believe last year as a MySpace greeting, which you can see here. I plan on sending these out to my friends and family here - it's such a great, fun piece! I think he was selling them for $3 a pack if anyone's interested.

The folks of Comic Book World were kind enough to invite us back in March or April, which is really cool. By then we'll have another issue and another convention under our belt, and probably a lot of other cool stuff to sell and sign.

The Ringtail Cafe crew (Darren and Krista Mueller (I hope I spelled that right) and Jackie Hernandez) stopped by and chatted with Scott for a long while also. I hated missing them as I really enjoyed my time with them last time I was in Florence for the podcast with Comic Related. Stay tuned for some callaborations between them and us in the near future as I'm sure there will be many. And if anyone is interested in contributing some work to a Mad Magazine type publication let us know and we'll pass the word along to Ringtail, et al.

So it was a fun time for Scott and those that stopped by, and Paul and the rest of CBW are very supportive of the book, us and our efforts, so that's really cool. And though Scott made a completely unneccessary trip to my house, I got a DVD out of it. :) I'll have to get Scott and Shannon something nice now.

Next time I will definitely be there whether I'm sick or not. I just could not ride in a car for three hours in that weather with no sleep and the way I was feeling. I regret that, but it is what it is. I'm grateful for Scott going through with it alone, and for everyone that came out to see us intentionally or by happenstance. Your support means the world to us, and we hope we made some new fans!


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Correction to Press Release

I have made a grave error in the press release. In it I state that I will also have copies of books I've lettered, but that's not the case. It slipped my mind briefly that I just sold all of them save the one copy of a few I'm keeping for myself! So I won't have anything but Wannabez #0 there as far as books go.

Whether I'll have anything else, who knows?

Scott will still have sketch cards and all that jazz though.

Man, wish I had remembered that!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

PRESS RELEASE - Wannabez Creators In-Store Signing

Here's the official press release for our upcoming signing:


December 3, 2008, Winchester, KY - Saturday, the 6th of December Wannabez creators Brant W. Fowler and Scott D.M. Simmons will be signing copies of Wannabez at Comic Book World in Florence, KY.

What happens when a bunch of people mistake a meteor falling to earth and a bunch of bizarre coincidences for super powers?

They become WANNABEZ of course! This is what happens in the new comic book from Brant W. Fowler and Scott D.M. Simmons. Featuring a cast of vibrant and diverse characters in a fun, all-ages setting, this book is fun for the whole family. There's a little something for everyone.

This is the first store signing for either creator, and they are very excited about meeting and greeting fans and hopefully sending many home with a copy of Wannabez #0!

"It's an honor to be considered a creator worthy of doing an in-store signing", said Brant, "and Scott and I greatly look forward to meeting and potentially making new fans of Wannabez!

The duo will also have prints and sketch cards available for purchase, and Brant will have copies of books he's lettered for sale as well.

If you're in the Florence, KY area, please drop in and meet the creative team behind this fun and exciting new book, buy a copy, get it signed, and just have fun chatting it up!

Wannabez In-Store Signing

December 6, 2008, 1-5pm

Comic Book World

7130 Turfway Rd.

Florence, KY 41042

"Can't wait to see you there!"

Wannabez #0 is on sale now! Learn more at!


Wannabez follows regular people who have mistaken bizarre coincidences as the acquisition of super powers! Now banded together, these new heroes strive to be more than who they are. These people are WANNABEZ! Dober-Man! Streak! Ignition! Slim! Mau! Esmerelda! A comic book series that is fun for all ages! Learn more about Wannabez at


Gonzogoose Productions is the imprint created by Brant W. Fowler for the purposes of self-publishing his own creative works. Wannabez is the first title to come out of Gonzogoose Productions, but certainly not the last. Other future titles include Eliminator, Night Riders, Paragons and Snow to name a few.