Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Day, the Plan and the Deal

Yesterday Scott and I traveled to Comics 2 Games in Florence, KY to record a podcast interview for Many announcements came about, which you'll soon learn about, and a lot of fun was had. To read the full report of the day, head over to my main blog and read the Long, Wonderful Day post.

In the next post on that blog I talked about how the day and the people we met truly inspired my creativity. So the plan now is to hook up with Scott in person soon and hash out the next couple of arcs of Wannabez.

See, I had originally planned it as a 12-issue maxi-series broken up into two arcs of six issues each. When we started laying it out for publishers we decided to scale it back an issue, as much content as could be spared, and keep the first arc at 5 issues. However, I had never fully laid out the second part of that 12 issue arc, so there's a lot of work to be done.

Whether the comic will remain a series of mini-series or evolve into an on-going I'm not sure, we'll just have to let that play out (and it really depends on a lot of factors). But I'm hoping we can come up with some really cool things in the months ahead, including spin-offs in the form of webcomics!

Now, I mention a "deal" in the title of this post as well. See, for some strange and peculiar reason way back when, I wrote issues one and three, and then laid out 2 and 4-6. Over the years I've only managed to write 7 pages of issue 2 to date, and Scott never ceases in bugging me about it. Of course, in my defense, when you're knee-deep in lettering work it's hard to find time to do anything else, even when you really want to.

So, yesterday I made a deal with Scott. The first convention of 2009 we're planning on doing is MegaCon in Florida. So I told Scott that I would finish issue 2 by the end of the year, and if I didn't I would pay for his hotel room in Florida. So now I have something to motivate me to finish as I'm not that wealthy. :) I've got about 7 weeks, give or take. Surely I can sit down and write 15 pages of script! Hopefully...

I'll keep you apprised of how that all plays out.



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I hope you don't have to pay for Scott's room!

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