Saturday, November 01, 2008

Comic Related Recap

In one week, Scott and I will record our in depth podcast interview with Chuck Moore of Comic Related at Comics2Games in Florence, KY.

Those familiar with Sketch Magazine or Blue Line Pro will know that location well.

While we will be recording the episode on November 8th, it won't actually air until November 26th (it was the 19th, but it's been moved), the day before Thanksgiving! It will be (tentatively) Related Recap #54, so be on the lookout for it.

You can keep apprised of all upcoming Related Recap podcasts here. And keep watching that site, because in two short weeks it will all change...

Scott and I will be talking about a great many things collectively and individually, but of course, our main focus is Wannabez. We hope to have some news on conventions next year and the state of issue #1 of the book, the website, and much more, so don't miss it!

We'll keep you updated right here with more information as we know it.


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