Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Upcoming Interviews

Soon Scott and I will be doing a couple of podcast interviews we're excited about.

You all remember us doing Catch Da Craze with Sam Vera a while back, right? Well, we'll be doing a follow-up with them now that Mid-Ohio has come and gone. So be watching this space for when that all goes down!

We'll also be doing a follow up with Chuck Moore of the beginning of next month! We did a brief interview at Mid-Ohio-Con that turned out really well. So upcoming, we'll be doing a full interview talking about Wannabez and other things. The cool thing is, if it can be worked out, we're going to do it at Comics2Games, which is where Blueline Pro and Sketch Magazine are located as well! So that should be really cool!

We also may be doing an in-store appearance sometime next year, and it's an exciting one if it all works out. We'll keep you posted.

So Team Wannabez is on the move!



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