Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dinner for Three

Myself, Scott and his wife, Shannon, all met up for dinner last night as they were in town for a Star Wars collectors event, where Scott did pretty well drawing sketch cards (congrats, Scott!). He even gained a pretty cool young fan in the process.

At dinner at Olive Garden (only the second time I'd ever been - I'll be going back! Very good food and atmosphere), we talked about many things, among them of course was Wannabez. Chiefly, we discussed going to color instead of grayscales and started talking about the feasibility of it.

Thus far, the conclusion we've come to is it's just too expensive to go full color at the rates we've found so far, and nearly impossible to make a profit on the book without shooting the price up to a level I wouldn't be comfortable charging you all.

So, unless we find much more reasonable rates, we'll be doing grayscale on the singles. But Ross is going to try to color them in full color and convert them to grayscale, changing values here and there, so that WHEN we go to trade we can produce it in full color! That's the compromise, as self-publishers, we sometimes have to make I suppose.

That said, as I've declared here before, and as anyone who's seen issue #0, Ross' grayscales are phenomenal, and though Scott's inks are equally impressive, the grays really do make the pages pop more than simple black and white ever could, especially for the style of art that Wannabez is done in. So it's an easy compromise considering the monumental talent producing these beautiful pages.

The rest of the dinner discussion was great, and it was very cool seeing Scott and Shannon again so soon after the last time. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up more regularly than we have the past few years, which was not at all! With all the conventions Scott and I are hoping to do next year, I think that's a very good possibility.

More from the land of Wannabez to come soon!



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