Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wannabez #0 On Pre-Sale Now!

It's finally here!

WANNABEZ #0 is getting printed within Mysterious Visions Anthology #5! This issue is now available for pre-sale this week at Dimestore Productions! The publisher, Ian Shires, has the completed issue in hand now and is gathering up final pre-sales before sending it to the printer! If you order now, you'll get the issue hot off the press!

Click the title of this post (Wannabez #0 On Pre-Sale Now!) to order your copy (or copies!):
"Scott D.M. Simmons and I have greatly enjoyed working on Wannabez thus far! We entered the comic into last year's Small Press Idol contest (thanks for your votes!), and although we didn't win, we were rewarded with doing the cover and lead story for an issue of the anthology series! We are also sharing this issue with two other talented entries we wanted to have with us: "To Catch a Human" by Jennifer Zelasco, and "Yokai" by Greg and Cheska Eales! Together, we have all created a fun comic suitable for all-ages! Each story is 12 pages of action and humor (and good art!), in a book totaling 44 pages, and all of this for only $3.95 plus shipping and handling!

The Wannabez story is:
Written and lettered by Brant W. Fowler
Pencilled and inked by Scott D.M. Simmons
Colored and greyscaled by Ross S. Hughes

Wannabez follows regular people who have mistaken bizarre coincidences as the acquisition of super powers! Now banded together, these new heroes strive to be more than who they are. These people are WANNABEZ! Dober-Man! Streak! Ignition! Slim! Mau! Esmerelda! In MVA #5, the Wannabez story explores some of the origins of our heroes and shows them in action in some of their first adventures.... and first mishaps. Fun for all ages!

Ian is hoping to have some copies with him at Dayton Ohio's Gem City Comic Con on April 6, and Scott may have a table there as well. But it is official that Scott and I are signed up for a table in artists alley at this year's Ohio Comic Con, taking place October 25th and 26th in Columbus. Scott and I will be doing signings, sketches, selling books, and passing out promotional materials for all our projects. Keep watching mine and Scott's websites and ComicSpace pages in the meantime for any more upcoming appearances. And while you are there, you can scope out some of the Wannabez character designs and pages! All related links are below and in the sidebar.
I hope you order your copy and enjoy the book! If you see us in person, we'll sign it for free!
And just to let you know, Wannabez will be coming as a full series sometime later this year! More details to come!

(This message was edited from a mailing Scott sent out)

Brant's Website - www.brantfowler.com
Brant's Comicspace - www.comicspace.com/gonzogoose
Scott's Website - www.scottdmsimmons.com
Scott's Comicspace - www.comicspace.com/scottdmsimmons

And while we don't have a site built yet, Wannabez DOES have its own domain: www.wannabezcomic.com - Coming Soon!


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