Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pages Coming In!

Ross has been delivering pages the past couple of days (grayscaled) and I have to say I am so psyched about what he's producing! I can't stress enough about how good of a job Scott and Ross have done on this story. I am privileged and honored to be working with such talented people, and I can't thank them both enough for their contributions.

Also, Scott and I are making convention plans for this year already (the first convention season I'll actually be going to a con or two, by the way), and we'll have Wannabez merchandise available! We may have more than that, so stay tuned right here. As soon as we're confirmed, we'll let you know when and where we'll be.

Wannabez #0 is coming out very soon in Mysterious Visions #5 from Dimestore Productions also, so keep coming back for ordering details!



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