Sunday, February 03, 2008

Getting Close!

Wow, more than a month since we posted here! Well, you'll all be glad to know that we are making strides on the #0 issue. Ross was planning to work on the grayscales this weekend, and then I'll slap the letters on the grays and we'll be off to press!

And, if Scott's schedule is clear enough, we'll resume working in earnest on #1, which is about half way done, give or take a page or two. I'm hoping that some way, somehow we'll be able to have books to sell at some choice cons this year, so stay tuned right here for updates!

In addition to that, I can't remember if Scott mentioned it in his last post or not, but we are working on a 2009 Wannabez calendar and already have several artists signed up to participate. If you are interested, please contact Scott (see his website link in the sidebar to find his contact info). We would love to see your renditions of our characters!

I have to tell you, the art in the #0 issue is excellent! And it's tons of fun with all kinds of cameos and easter eggs thrown in for this special 12-page story.

And sometime this week, I'll be adding an RSS feed link to the blog so you can subscribe and keep track of our happenings more conveniently!

So keep it locked here for more news on Wannabez coming soon, and with any luck, more frequently!



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