Monday, December 31, 2007

MAU drawing by Mark LeMieux

Scott here!

I was visiting my friend Mark this weekend, and he was drawing the Joker at one point. We got to talking about him doing such sketches at conventions with me and for the two 2009 calendars I am trying to get going, one of which is for Wannabez. So I asked him to draw a Wannabez character in his style. He chose Mau, which obviously meant alot to me. I really, really dug it. Anyway, it's his Christmas present to me, and I wanted to share it. Mark does sculpting, drawing and acting. Way talented. I used to work with him at Hasbro, where I was a photographer and he casted molds for prototypes.

To visit Mark's website you can either click on the link in the title above, or go to:

Happy New Year everyone!


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