Friday, November 30, 2007


Here is another sneak peek of WBZ #0, set to appear as part of Mysterious Visions Anthology issue #5. It's sort of funny that Brant, the writer likes dogs and not cats, and I like both, but prefer cats. I have a cat, named Dabber, and some of Mau's looks were based on Dabber's colors and streaks. Mau was a character Brant sort of let me design myself, and I am very glad the design met his approval (even though he hates cats).

One night years ago, my now-wife Shannon and I saw a popular Broadway Series play in Boston and we were pretty stoked because this show had just completed a LONG LONG run on Broadway (what, over 15 years, maybe more?). But yet, aside from the costumes, the show lacked any sort of depth and sense of a storyline at all. Just a bunch of characters one right after another, competing in a singing contest and basically just singing about who they are. One wins. The end. It's like watching Tamyra and Kelly and Carrie come out and sing about themselves and Simon saying "Awesome!" Except it wasn't, nor was it worth $100 or so to me to see it (like Chicago, Carousel, Fame, Blue Man Group, or even Footloose).

So, years later, I'm working on this wonderful story called WANNABEZ, and there's a cat character. Naturally, I give each character, when possible, a foreshadowing or in-joke details (like Dober-Man's dog-eared papers) into their alter-ego. When coming up with the concept of adding the three main leads in the #0 issue on page one to set them up, well, I came up with placing Mau, our character, outside a theatre, doing what I felt like doing that very night years ago...

.... chucking my Playbill into the trash.

See, Brant? I hate CATS too.




Blogger Possum Pirate Press said...

AH-hahahahahaha. I'm a certified catlady....and I hated CATS, too!

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