Sunday, August 19, 2007

WBZ #0 Cover Inks!

Check out the inks for the WBZ #0 Cover, which is also the cover to Mysterious Visions #5 from Dimestore Productions!

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Ross will have the colors done in a week or two, and Scott is working hard on the pages this week. Stay Tuned!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

News on the Horizon!

I know our updates have been few and far between, but please just hang in there with us a little while longer. In a few weeks we have an exciting announcement about the book!

Also, don't forget that, if everything goes according to plan, that Wannabez #0 will be in the September issue (#5) of Mysterious Visions from Dimestore Productions, along with To Catch a Human #0 and Yokai #0! We are very excited about having our first story published, and about being in the same book with such talented creators and cool concepts.

Scott had some work he had to finish before he could devote his time to WBZ, so it had a slight delay. But now things are back on track and we should have a finished cover to show soon!