Monday, May 14, 2007

Round Two Ends... Sort Of

Well, round two of the Small Press Idol contest ended last night at 11:59pm, and as far as I could tell we finished in about 6th place. The top 30 will advance to the next round, so that puts us in a pretty good place! The only problem is the judges have a chance to veto projects. It has to be unanimous, but things could get shaken up.

I'm not too worried, though, because the judges seemed to be somewhat impressed with our offerings, so hopefully they don't have a change of heart.

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for us in round two, and we hope we can count on all of you (and all of you who didn't quite make it) to vote for us in the next round also!

Next up are actual sequential pages! We are still hammering out the script, but it's almost there and then Scott will be on his way to putting those together. We only get to show three pages of the twelve page #0 issue, so hopefully you all will dig it and cast your votes once more for Wannabez!

Keep checking back here for more updates, and for notices on when to vote!


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