Thursday, May 17, 2007

Round 3!

For those who haven't been keeping up, we have now officially made it to round 3! (cue the applause)

This round we have to present three sequential pages of art, which Scott is working on ever so diligently right now. Well, not RIGHT now as it's 4:30am as I type this. But you get the picture. (cue mild chuckles)

So what this means is that our 12 page #0 issue will definitely see print! (cue big applause) And if we make it to round 4 we get a shot at winning the whole shebang, which entails publishing of a 4-issue mini series, an animated computer game and an art package from Blue Line Pro! (cue oohs and aahs)

Of course we want to go all the way, but to do that we'll once again need your votes. Not YET, but soon! Keep checking back here for updates!

And thank you to all of you out there that came out in droves and showed your support for us last round. We finished in 6th place out of 60, and we are incredibly grateful for that. I hope you all dig what we present this time around.



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