Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We Are Entered!

It's official now. I have sent off the entry for Round 1, so look for that to get posted over the next couple of days.

This title was created way back when Epic (at Marvel) re-opened and started taking submissions. I worked feverishly on the title for days, but it was rejected. They asked me to resubmit after changing a few things, but then they closed down for good before I could do that.

Since then Scott has come on board and has done a phenomenal job bringing it to life. We've submitted it to a few companies, but no takers so far. It was going to be a web comic, but the company that was doing it closed down.

So it's been a long road. But regardless of whether it passes to the second round or not it will be published by any means necessary. To much hard work has gone into this by both Scott and myself, and the various people who have helped along the way. This book is a labor of love, and one I must see out there in the public. If this isn't our path we'll find a new one. But I have high hopes for the contest this year.



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