Wednesday, February 14, 2007

3 YES Votes! We're Off to Round 2!!

You read it right! We just got a clean sweep and are sailing into Round 2! We did get some constructive criticism that we'll be sure to use, but today is the day for celebrating. YAY!

Here's the Round 1 Premise and Pencil Cover we submitted:

When a meteor rockets to Earth and crashes in the living room of the biggest couch potato on the East Coast, regular people in the surrounding cities and states begin mistaking bizarre coincidences as the acquisition of unique super powers. A high school loser gets attacked by a "radioactive" dog and begins chasing the paperboy, slobbering, and digging holes. An overweight middle-aged man believes he's gained super speed after he is able to dart past stopped traffic to stop a thief on a broken bike. Others believe they have high intelligence, or that they can stretch, or possibly commune with the dead, and even others imagine they can ignite fires with just their mind.

Banded together, with DOBERMAN as leader of THE PACK, some of these heroes develop their new "abilities" and gather their courage hidden deep, deep, deep within to help those less fortunate, and of course, those without powers.

Yet every other day, some new guy or gal is on the news in pajamas, shower caps, custom tights, or astronaut suits claiming that the meteors have given them powers too. But the truth may be that there are no powers, no special abilities, no radioactive goo, no chemical mixtures, and no aliens from another planet. Through a string of peculiar coincidences mixed with a cataclysmic event, these people have fooled themselves into believing they have powers when quite possibly they are just the pawns of their own imaginations! Either way, these people strive to be something more than they are, making their powers appear real through extraordinary means. These people are WaNNaBeZ!"

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