Monday, February 19, 2007

Here's The Link to WBZ HQ

Apparently something whacky is going on with my title links, so here is the link to the WBZ HQ page:


And here is the link to the WBZ Idol Page:

WaNNaBeZ Idol Page


Sunday, February 18, 2007


I just started up a membersite page on Dimestore's website for WBZ. It will serve as a place to post additional images and background information as we are allowed to throughout the contest. What I'll do is update this blog to let you know when I update those pages.

I'm not sure if I got the url right (it's a long one and I'm not sure if it's even the proper way to get to it) but you can try clicking the title of this post to see if it takes you there. Let me know if it doesn't!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

3 YES Votes! We're Off to Round 2!!

You read it right! We just got a clean sweep and are sailing into Round 2! We did get some constructive criticism that we'll be sure to use, but today is the day for celebrating. YAY!

Here's the Round 1 Premise and Pencil Cover we submitted:

When a meteor rockets to Earth and crashes in the living room of the biggest couch potato on the East Coast, regular people in the surrounding cities and states begin mistaking bizarre coincidences as the acquisition of unique super powers. A high school loser gets attacked by a "radioactive" dog and begins chasing the paperboy, slobbering, and digging holes. An overweight middle-aged man believes he's gained super speed after he is able to dart past stopped traffic to stop a thief on a broken bike. Others believe they have high intelligence, or that they can stretch, or possibly commune with the dead, and even others imagine they can ignite fires with just their mind.

Banded together, with DOBERMAN as leader of THE PACK, some of these heroes develop their new "abilities" and gather their courage hidden deep, deep, deep within to help those less fortunate, and of course, those without powers.

Yet every other day, some new guy or gal is on the news in pajamas, shower caps, custom tights, or astronaut suits claiming that the meteors have given them powers too. But the truth may be that there are no powers, no special abilities, no radioactive goo, no chemical mixtures, and no aliens from another planet. Through a string of peculiar coincidences mixed with a cataclysmic event, these people have fooled themselves into believing they have powers when quite possibly they are just the pawns of their own imaginations! Either way, these people strive to be something more than they are, making their powers appear real through extraordinary means. These people are WaNNaBeZ!"

And click here to read what the judges thought!


2 Down, 1 to Go!

We've gotten another YES vote! I'll wait for the official word before jumping up and down, but it looks like we're going to round 2!


1 Down, 2 to Go!

WBZ is up on the voting block over on the Dimestore Idol Judges forum and we've already gotten one YES vote! We only need one more YES vote to advance, but I'm hoping we get a clean sweep!


We Are Entered!

It's official now. I have sent off the entry for Round 1, so look for that to get posted over the next couple of days.

This title was created way back when Epic (at Marvel) re-opened and started taking submissions. I worked feverishly on the title for days, but it was rejected. They asked me to resubmit after changing a few things, but then they closed down for good before I could do that.

Since then Scott has come on board and has done a phenomenal job bringing it to life. We've submitted it to a few companies, but no takers so far. It was going to be a web comic, but the company that was doing it closed down.

So it's been a long road. But regardless of whether it passes to the second round or not it will be published by any means necessary. To much hard work has gone into this by both Scott and myself, and the various people who have helped along the way. This book is a labor of love, and one I must see out there in the public. If this isn't our path we'll find a new one. But I have high hopes for the contest this year.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Previously Released Pages

Below are the first five pages, which we've shopped around a few times fully lettered and one page colored. But the lettering needs to be redone as well as some of the writing. And we lost one (maybe both) of our colorists, so here they are in Scott's wonderful inks!

These would be the first five pages of the mini (not the #0 issue) should we win the idol contest. Even if we don't win these are the first five pages of the mini once we secure a publisher! We hope you like them.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Pics Coming Soon!

This weekend I'll be posting some previously previewed pages from issue one. These won't be pages used in the contest, but they will be in the series when it gets published.

In case you don't know, the contest goes through four rounds. The first round teams submit a premise and pencil cover. The judges then decide who goes through to the next round.

All the following rounds are voted on by the public. The 2nd round we turn in a logo and up to five character sketches. Round 3 is 3 sequential pages. And round 4 is the full #0 issue of our comic, 12 pages in whole. Of course the issue will be 32 pages and will contain ads, pinups and all the content from the contest.

As we advance we'll post each round's contributions here as well.

Per the contest rules we are allowed to show previously shown content, but nothing new, so that's what I'll be posting soon. So keep an eye out for that!